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Patio Enclosures Sydney

Are you wanting to bring the outdoors inside while still maintaining the high standards of comfort of your home’s interior? Are you searching for a patio and pergola construction team who work to your needs and desires? Drawing on over 40 years of skilled and outstanding experience the passionate team at Hitec Patios are the team you’ve been looking for. Driven by our passion for designing and constructing the best outdoor structures in the industry we have helped countless Sydney home owners improve the entertainment possibilities of their properties.

One step beyond the conventional patio the innovative and highly-trained team at Hitec Patios can design and fabricate weatherproof, durable, and visually appealing patio enclosures well-suited to take advantage of Sydney’s climate. Perfect for entertainment purposes enclosed patios have a double advantage of both bringing the warmth and favourable elements of the climate into your home, while at the same time making your home’s interior feel larger and more spacious. Whether you are entertaining friends and family or are wanting to set up a sun room the patio enclosures constructed by Hitec Patios are perfect for your needs and desires.

Depending on the tastes of the home owner the enclosed sections of the patio can be opened up to allow more of the weather inside, creating a more desirable and comfortable space. To find out more about the benefits and possibilities of having a patio enclosure installed in your home Sydney residents can call us on 1800 658 088.


Outback® Flat Roof

Create a functional outdoor living area that will enhance your home and lifestyle with the smooth, simple, uncluttered lines of the classic Outback Flat Roof. The versatile Outback Flat Roof system can be configured to cover any area around the home.

Outback® Gable

Exhibiting a strong presence and style, the pitched roof of an Outback Gable Verandah, Patio or Carport is endowed with an open feel that will enrich your home and outdoor entertainment area.

Outback® Heritage Patio

Add a new dimension to your home and lifestyle with an Outback Heritage Verandah, Patio or Carport. With enduring style and versatility, it offers large spans and long lengths to expand your design options.

Outback® Curved Roof

The contemporary form of the Outback Curved Roof Verandah, Patio or Carport will add value and impart a sense of style and sophistication to your home.

Outback® Gazebo & Hip

Gazebo and Hip End options add the finishing touch that brings the whole package together. With two distinctive and elegant styles to choose from that are designed to match your existing architecture, and add an additional dimension to your outdoor experience.

Outback® Sunroof

Control your outdoor living weather with the innovative Stratco Outback Sunroof Patio. Its electronically controlled louvres can be opened and closed to your desired position. Let the breeze and sunlight in when the weather is fine, and provide protection when the clouds set in.

Outback® Pergola

Create an inviting open-air setting that will let the light in and improve the appearance of your home. Ideal for defining and shading an outdoor space for both you and your delicate plants.

Hitec Decking

Our designers can help you create the ideal deck for your outdoor area. From a simple platform to a fully enclosed deck area, we can build it.

Cooldek® Roofing & Ambient® Blinds

The insulating properties of Cooldek reduce heat from above which significantly increases comfort levels under the roof. While Stratco Ambient Blinds offer privacy and protection from the sun, breeze, rain and insects all year round.